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Teaching English as 'Second Language' in Inda by Kapil Kapoor JNU, Delhi

Smt. S. B. Gardi Department of English,
Maharaja Krishnakumarsinhji Bhavnagar University Bhavnagar
M.A. Semester 3
English Language Teaching 1
Unit 1: The role of English in India

Teaching English as 'Second Language in Inda by 
Kapil Kapoor (JNU, Delhi)

Kapil Kapoor, a JNU ELT Scholar, marks the reflections of English Teaching in India as Second Language in this research paper. The presentation is an excerpt from his essay. The essay also reflects socio-political conditions, language movements, and acceptance of English as Second Language (L2) in India, The fundamentals of ELT i.e. L1, L2, L3 and more.. What are the problems of Teaching English in India? What are the possible solutions to those problems? Where do we leg behind in understanding of Teaching English? Kapil Kapoor sarcastically compares the modern language learning with the traditional language learning. Kapil narrates The three language formula and the importance of Methodology in this essay. A wonderful comparison of Western and Indian English Teaching is given by Kapil Kapoor.  The essay ends with the sarcastic remark.

M.A. Sem.3 ELT1 Unit 1 Teaching English as 'Second Languge' in India by Kapil Kapoor from Parth Bhatt

The Task: Dear Learners, you're requested to read the research paper and kindly share your findings, understandings, and views  regarding the essay and blog it on your personal blog. Here's the excerpt of the research paper in the form of presentation for you. Please share your blog links in the comments section.


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